1 | Simply, better


Much more effective audience engagement

Display times in this animation are accelerated to illustrate alternation of ads

Ads are fictitious and non-contractual

2 | Great


Vanguard, uplifting design

3 | Real


Intuitive touch screens, no more puzzling information

Ideal for multi-lingual audiences

Versatile to showcase a myriad of messages



12:33 pm



Why Change?

Because it's a quadruple win

To modernize and beautify

The current directory signs at Lincoln Road Mall don't hold the standards we all associate with the beautiful, prosperous promenade.

The archaic system of poorly back-lit, color-less paper contradicts the prestige of this internationally renowned landmark.

To meet the demand

Visitors often find themselves confused when looking for specific shops or restaurants. A quick, intuitive and engaging system of consultation is needed, and so is a channel through which fluidly communicate promotional events and public interest messages.

To tap into unexploited potential

16 million people visit Miami every year and spend $ 22 billion. How many of them never visit Lincoln Road? Not many. The mall, its shops and restaurants, the city, the brands that provide services and products, NGOs and other kinds are missing out on reaching this immense, eclectic audience.

To create value

A new enterprise helping profit and nonprofit organizations reach their audiences to create more revenue and more awareness, respectively. More productivity and more attention on sensitive subjects.

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