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State of the art equipment, a team of talented graphic and software designers, permanent control and updating of all information displayed and fun, interactive usability give us a unique, INNOVATIVE AND ATTRACTIVE tool to which mall visitors respond in a notoriously positive way. Embarking on the Digital Totem world means siding with today's digital culture and making the customer's positive shopping experience a priority.


Marti provides the Digital Totem experience absolutely FREE OF COST for shopping malls. Yes, for free! We take care of it all and commit to permanently offering a quality product through exhaustive supervising procedures. So how do we take on this costly endeavor? Simple. When Digital Totems become idle for a certain period of time they turn into advertising digital signs which we use to communicate with visitors. During this time Marti broadcasts a series of high quality commercial spots, similar to the ones we see on T.V. everyday (only silent), to advertise our client's products. Such advertising allows us to support the complex infrastructure needed to provide shopping malls with our quality service and to invite them to participate with their own ads.


Digital Totems provide ESSENTIAL information that customers demand when visiting a shopping mall. Everyday thousands of visitors find themselves in the need of assistance when looking for their favorite shop, the nearest rest room, food court options, movie times, bus stops and schedule, etc., etc.


Traditional information stands are very limited: one person can assist only one visitor at a time and the customer has to deviate to find the stand in the first place. Digital totems are so EFFECTIVE because they assist several customers at the same time, in a variety of languages, while taking minimum space and always being within reach. This means no need for big stands, no waiting, no language barrier and no time wasted in finding help.


Essential, effective, innovative and



Shop directory and location

Mall news, special offers and events. Also when idle

News flashes (politics, sports, etc). Also when idle

Trivia, games and fun

Restaurant directory and location

Mall map (restrooms, elevators, emergency exits, etc.)

Time and weather

Ads from mall shops, restaurants and movie theaters

Outside advertisers (that don't collide with mall shops)

Special outside advertisers (sports/art events, etc.)

Movie times (when movie theater within the mall)

Public transportation options and schedule





Digital Totems are safe to interact with and represent absolutely no risk for users. The totem structure is firm and specially designed to safely support the weight of digital signs and audience interactivity. Even rough usage and stability threats (like somebody stumbling upon them) are contemplated.

Touch screens are made to be touched! This means electricity is not an issue when talking about Digital Totems.


* Image used for illustrative purposes only.

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